Business or Pleasure?

Any time you fly internationally, you have to fill out customs forms. On the form, there is a question that asks what the main purpose of your trip is…business or pleasure. I checked the business box. The nice gentlemen at customs needed an explanation, but after a minute of explaining that running around in spandex and racing in some of the most beautiful places in the world was my job, he let me go.

Yesterday as I was riding through Cancun, I couldn’t help but grin from ear to ear. What a lucky guy I am. I am healthy, get to travel the world to beautiful place to do what I love. The honest truth is that I take great pleasure in what I do…so I guess I’m here for business and pleasure.

Tomorrow is one of those days at the office that you look forward to and are anxious about at the same time. My whole body knows that tomorrow is going to bring immense pain, fatigues, unbearable heat and provide me with a springboard where I alone must push myself to my limits. I am very excited to race tomorrow and I assure you, once that gun goes, it’s business time!

Hillary sent me this quote which has become my mantra for tomorrows race.

“Whether I fail or succeed shall be no man’s doing but my own.

I am the force.

I can clear any obstacle before me,

or I can be lost in the maze.

My Choice;

My Responsibility;

Win or lose…

I hold the key to my destiny!” -Elaine Maxwell

If you want to follow me tomorrow, my race starts at 6am Calgary time. You can track the race on the following websites;

Thanks for all the support and I’ll update tomorrow



No Monroe for this toe

In sport, as in life, there are many decisions to be made. Some hard, some easy. The decision to pull out of this weekends Continental Cup in Monroe ended up being a lot easier than I expected. As much as it pains me to pull out of the race this weekend, I know it’s the right decision to make. I have yet to start running again and the foot is still quite painful. I have started swimming again and just need to not push off the walls with the toe. Cycling also is ok, but my toe is constantly in pain and any pot hole sends a shock of pain radiating up my leg. Although I wish I had better news to share that I somehow was miraculously healing and already in Seattle, I don’t. Instead of being on a plane today at noon, I was outside on my bike getting caught in a rain storm…in Calgary. But, this is just one of life’s speed bumps and I wouldn’t have done anything different last weekend. So, now it’s time to recover and start to focus on the next race in early July in San Francisco.

I would like to wish all my friends great results this weekend who are competing in the Canadian Track and Field nationals in Calgary. Rip it up!


As race season draws near, mind games mount

You wouldn’t think that race season is coming when you look outside here in Calgary, but 12 days from now I’m kicking off my season with Times Colonist 10km. This race comes with all the emotions that you could imagine for a season opener. Yes, it’s not a triathlon, but I’m heading out there to run World Cup standard. To ensure my running is up to par, I’ve been ramping up my run over the past few weeks. This means running more consistently and doing some hard, key run. This is usually works to put an athlete in a good space both physically and mentally. So what happens when an athlete is continually failing, or not hitting these workout? Welcome to my past two weeks.

I’m not going to say I’ve felt terrible over the past two weeks, but something has been a little off. I’ve been very excited to try some of my key run workouts and I have been nailing every other workout that I do. There seems to be a barrier that I have hit though, and can’t seem to get past. Each time I step on the tready or the track for repeats I seem to really struggle with finishing the work set out for me. As a result, I have not accomplished my goals for my last 3 hard runs. Physically my legs feel spent, heavy and slow. I’ve been yearning to get outside the Talisman and do a hard run in the sun, but with the weather that hasn’t been in the cards. I’m not making excuses, but it’s been very hard to get psyched to do gut wrenching repeats on a track where you are dodging people walking with walkman’s (yes, the one that plays cassette tapes), or to hash out the km’s on a treadmill, alone, in the dark, as you look out at the snow.

Here is where the true test of life comes I guess. You’re 12 days out of a race where you need to run fast, you’re not running fast and something needs to change. The mind games are continually mounting and before and after each workout, doubt and fear tries to creep in. Sport has a funny way of testing your character, endurance and mental fortitude. When you go through phases like this, each day your body asks you the question “why are you doing this?” The mind has to have and answer that you can truly believe, otherwise the journey and pain isn’t worth it.

In the past week I have ended runs feeling like a broken man, but being broken just means you have an opportunity to rebuild. My goals haven’t changed for TC10km and I will continue to press on let the run speed come.

I thought this picture captured my feelings after a couple of the workouts

Keep pushing.


First workout back….Awesome!

This Sunday I decided to test myself and jump in on the track teams tempo run. I have done no speed workouts in well over a year and have been relying on volume, drill and short strides and plyometrics. The workout was 4x6mins with 2mins recovery. I started out conservative and they were all very close, if not getting further on each repeat. I was working hard, but felt smooth and relaxed until the last repeat when I really tried to kick it in. This proved to be such a huge mental boost to me, that even after 19months away I can come back and run at the front of the pack with no workouts under my belt. Granted we weren’t racing, but I’m very pleased, especially considering I had done 90mins on the bike earlier that morning. I felt like G-Force again! Now it’s a couple easy weeks of volume and then really get into ramping things up after christmas.

I’m now heading for a nap because I’m tired and I work a Casino for the ATA tonight from 10-3am….Yuck!