Hello Intensity!

For the past couple months I’ve been meandering through my off season. This year I’ve been struggling with some issues like motivation, feeling fatigued and struggling to figure out how to make next year happen. I’m looking at where I want to be next year and I’m now putting in the work to make that happen. 

A couple weeks ago, my coach Jack VanDyk, put in a great race at Ironman Arizona. Not only was I ecstatic to watch my coach race, but it also meant I was now getting back into the routine of training. No sooner was he back from Arizona than we got to work. Last week started with the worst run lactate test I’ve ever done. I’m not being dramatic about this, I’ve seriously done better in first year university. I picked myself up and had a very descent bike test later on that week. Mild sense of redemption here, but mostly a pummelling in the face with a bag of bricks. 

I trust Jack and he saw the need to add some stimulus to my training apart from the miles we’ve been putting in. After just a week of doing intensity on the swim, bike and run I’m already feeling more activated and motivated. Nothing has been so hard to leave me wandering around the hurt locker looking desperately for the exit. The intervals have been achievable and I’ve surprised myself with how my body has responded. I guess coach knows best! Sometimes you just need to change it up and add some intensity. 

My future holds less of this




And more of this:





Losing my crutches

My armpits are sweating with joy today. Yes, it’ll take a couple days for the chafing to completely go away, but I’m can now leave the crutches in my car for emergency situations only. This morning I had a dr’s appointment and he was very pleased with how I’m healing. He wants me to try walking with my air cast and see how things go. It sounds like another 2 weeks before I’m out of the boot, but we are seeing progress. Tomorrow I start a rehab program at the U of C with my old anatomy proff.

Training today has been fantastic. My swim was an early one, starting at 5am, but was one of the best swims I’ve had in a while. My stroke seemed to be fluid, I was gliding, rolling and catching lots of water. Needless to say I felt fantastic. Then I hopped out of the water, coached the Talisman Tri Club for an hour and then hopped back in the pool for 80mins of water running. Again while running I was able to zone out and the time seemed to fly by. No pain in the tibia today and feeling great.