A couple great articles

The Talisman Centre Triathlon Club was profiled in this months Triathlon Canada Magazine. Check out the article.


Also, a good friend of mine, Holly Higgins, was published in the Globe and Mail a little while ago. Check out here article here.

My life fits in six boxes. I took the road lightly traveled


Chris Lieto shows The Future of Magazines?

I just came across this video this morning. Chris Lieto had a fantastic race at Kona this year to place 2nd. He was on the October’s Outside Magazine that I found at the house I’m house sitting at this week. I checked the article out online and found this video. So cool.

Training is going well. I had a good swim this morning and a plan on getting out for a nice ride this afternoon. I had a great run yesterday and made a solid 90mins 40mins after a 90min ride. The fitness is coming back very slowly, but at least I’m seeing progress.