Making the tough decisions

Let’s just say the past 6 weeks haven’t gone as planned. After my best winter of training with PB’s on the bike, constancy with training and a general enjoyment of what I do….life got in the way. Most likely I could have handled one or two items, but when it feels like your life completely falls apart, something has to give.

This weekend I didn’t race Wildflower as initially planned. This was a hard decision because I was coming off a win at Leadman 125 and Wildflower is one of my all time favourite races. So why did I drop out? Well, we looked at my wattages from Leadman and realized I was about 30Watts lower normalized power than I rode last year over 90km. I was tired, struggling with getting workouts done and the love of the sport wan’t there. Instead of heading to the race and having a performance I wouldn’t be happy with, we decided to stay at home, save money and try and find passion and consistency again.

When I’m training and racing well it is because I have been consistent. Each day I get up, don’t question the work I have to do that day and get it done. I’m excited by the pain and challenges of training. I’m passionate about what I do and driven to be better than I’ve been in the past and everyone else on the starting line. This is what I need to get back to. I need to find the passion, routine and love for my sport. This is why I stayed home and this is the journey I am on. The past 2 months my triathlon training has felt like a job, added to my other triathlon job of coaching. Training and racing needs to get back to why I started it in the first place….because I absolutely LOVE it.

Grant Burwash Triathlon run

Grant Burwash Triathlon run