2014 Centaur Subaru Triathlon Clinics

Centaur Subaru

2014 Centaur Subaru Triathlon Clinic

Centaur Subaru – Triathlon Clinic Weekend


Centaur Subaru is proud to support grassroots triathlon in Calgary for the fifth straight year. Both beginner and intermediate triathletes are invited to attend a free clinic put on by Canadian professional triathetes Jon Bird and Grant Burwash. The first day will have athletes test the new Calgary 70.3 course at Auburn Bay. We will focus on skills and tips for swimming in a lake, including sighting, entering and exiting the water, swimming straight, pack swimming dynamics and wetsuit information. This course is limited to the first 35 people that RSVP. All participants are required to have an Alberta Triathlon Association membership to participate.


Day 1 – Swim

Auburn Bay – Saturday May 24, 2014 -8:30am
8:30am: Arrive, chat about technique, tips & swim strategy
9:00am: start swimming ~30mins
9:45am: T1 discussion and any other questions.
10:30am:   Headed home in a warm car
What to Bring:

Swim suit, goggles, wetsuit, swim cap, neoprene cap (if you have one), towel, warm clothes
Day 2 – Bike/ Run

North Glenmore Park – Sunday May 25, 2014 -9:30am


The second day will have athletes test out the transition area for the Calgary 70.3 course at North Glenmore Park. The bike-handling course will focus on skills and tips for bike handling, pack riding, climbing, basic bike maintenance and road safety. Following the short bike run athletes will learn quick transition tips, maximizing your run tips and some dynamic run drills that will prevent injury. This course is limited to the first 35 people that RSVP, each participant will receive a free catered lunch and some PowerBar products. All participants are required to have an Alberta Triathlon Association membership to participate..
9:00am: arrive
9:30am: clinic begins with cycling segment.
10:30am: start practicing transitions and run segment begins.

11:30- Lunch and discussion
What you need to bring:

Bike, Helmet, warm clothing, towel, toque, gloves, riding jacket, running shoes



Jon Bird – jonbird@shaw.ca

Grant Burwash – grantburwash@gmail.com

Cost – FREE * requires a ATA license and signing a waiver

To register for this course please submit the following online form. If the form is no longer active the clinic has filled up.




Living in a car down by the river

So this week I had a homeless person moment. This is one of those times when you feel dirty, homeless and like you don’t really have anywhere to go. I had finished work and training at the Talisman and had 90mins before I was to start working at Speed Theory. Considering I’d been up since 5 the natural thing to do was nap, but where? Well, I drive and 88 Oldsmobile that is known as the couch on wheels. It’s massive and incredibly comfortable. So, I put on my toque, gloves and zipped up my jacket and laid down in the back sleep. I set my phone to go off in an hour and fell right asleep. It’s amazing how that refreshed me for the day. I do wish I had a video camera of the people outside my car though. Based on some of the comments I heard before I drifted off, people were a little shocked to see me there. Awesome! I highly recommend it.

Have a great weekend!