Tour of Alberta

I know what you’re thinking….”Everyone is posting pictures and comments on social media from the Tour of Alberta.” Well, that is exactly what I want to talk about. This weekend I was so encouraged to go and watch the Tour of AB’s final stage finish in Calgary. The racing was obviously spectacular to watch, but I was more impressed by what was going on on the other side of the barriers.

For the final stage, I heard rumours of over 100,000 people lining downtown. The streets were closed, the crowds were massive and the noise and atmosphere was crazy. It was inspiring to see so many people out for a sporting event. This reiterates my belief that Calgary is an active city. I’m hoping this event excites people to pursue health and fitness, whether that is biking, hiking, yoga, etc. 

Tour of Alberta…Please come back next year!


Video from Friday

Last Friday morning, I was on City TV’s breakfast television with some other coaches from the Talisman Tri Club. Jon and I did most of the segments. This interview taught me a lot. First, I need to smile more. Granted, I was on the verge of getting quite sick and spent the next 3 days in bed, but still, I look angry at the world. Second, Jon has the most excessive/impressive eyebrow movement known to man. Third, anything quirky= interesting to reporters. Four, don’t slip when trying to dive into the pool (note Holly’s dive if you got it on TV)


BTV Fitness Friday- Grant Burwash, Jon Bird Talisman Centre Triathlon Club


2011 Joe’s Team Triathlon

It’s that time of year when people start looking at registering for their summer triathlons. I know it’s hard to think of racing a triathlon in Calgary right now after this mornings huge dump of snow, but trust me, summer will come quickly. One race to look at putting on your race calendar is the 2011 Joe’s Team triathlon. This is a sprint triathlon or duathlon held in Calgary on June 19. All the money raised for this event goes to towards a very specific avenue of Cancer research. In the past Joe’s Team has used the money to help hire dr’s at cancer centers in Ontario, where the triathlon started. This is the first year this race is in Calgary and organizers are working hard to make it a success. For more info, check out Joe’s Team website here or contact Katie McLean at 403.671.3103.

Happy training,


First race back, Canmore Triathlon

Yesterday I competed in the Canmore Olympic triathlon. My last post will give you a little back ground on the race and this post I’ll focus on the actual race.

Race morning my body didn’t feel that great, probably because of the flu I’d had all week. After some stretching and a good warm up things started to look up and my lungs opened up.  I just wanted to stay relaxed in the swim and not burn any matches. I got off to a good start and then settled into a pace. My swim isn’t where it needs to be, but I was happy with the effort. The entire swim I was alone, but had to pass people constantly because the womens olympic and sprint had gone ahead of us and it was a 3 lap course.

After a quick transition, I mounted my new steed, a Cervelo P3, and rode off into the rain and cold. Actually the weather wasn’t that bad, air temp and water temp were probably about 15C. The bike course was very hilly and four laps. Due to the hilly nature of the bike course, I had a hard time settling the HR down on the first lap. Each lap I got more relaxed though and tried to ride strong and smooth. My quads felt quite heavy and I started to throw up my hydration on the bike. It looks like I’ll have to do some more experimenting before the next race. I stopped drinking and took a gel with about 15mins left on the bike so everything would be digested before the run.

I entered T2 in first place and wanted to run strong for the first km and then settle into a rhythm. The run course was quite hilly and reminded me of my cross country days. My legs quickly transfered to running form and I was able to settle into a rhythm fairly quickly. Other than getting a stitch at 6km, the run was pretty uneventful. It involved a lot of hills and keeping a solid rhythm. I finished in first place and could hardly keep the smile off my face. It feels good to be back, triathlons are such a blast. More to come this summer, so stay tuned.

 1   1/4    M2024     40 Grant BURWASH                2   20:48    2 1:04:55    1   34:38 2:00:19.4
    2   2/4    M2024    266 Jeremy ROLES                 1   19:47    4 1:07:55    6   39:34 2:07:14.5
    3   1/14   M3034     12 Ivan BABIKOV                13   26:25    1 1:04:39    7   39:45 2:10:47.9
    4   1/10   M2529     62 Sean CROOKS                 27   27:10    3 1:07:36    8   39:54 2:14:37.9
    5   2/10   M2529    116 Nick HADDOW                  8   25:31    6 1:10:39    4   39:21 2:15:29.2 

Full results here