Coach- Talisman Centre Triathlon Club

In 2009 I started working at the Talisman Centre after I obtained my BSc in Kinesiology from the University of Calgary. Since then, I have been working year round at the Talisman. It has been an incredible experience to be mentored by Jack VanDyk and to work with some of the greatest coaches in Canada. When I started working at Talisman, the club was at 50 members. We have now grown to almost 130 athletes just in the triathlon club, with my weekly athlete interaction being around 200 athletes. It is very important for me to help people find a sustainable lifestyle of health and wellness and achieve maximum performance.

Centaur Subaru Triathlon Clinics

The past four years, Centaur Subaru partnered with me and fellow pro triathlete and coach, Jon Bird, to run triathlon clinics in Calgary. I planned and hosted three camps focusing each on swimming, cycling and running. The goal was to provide athletes with free, valuable information from experienced pro athletes to create a sense of triathlon community within Calgary.

Our swim and bike sessions were held early season at Ghost Lake, to prepare athletes for the upcoming season. The swim portion provided athletes with basic information on open water swimming, the benefits of wetsuits and provided strategies for cold water swimming. During the session, Jon and I were in the water where we provided swimming drills, worked on entry, exit and sighting, as well as tips on getting in and out of a wetsuit. Our bike session included information and drills on bike handling, riding in a pack, nutrition and race strategy. After, athletes enjoyed a catered lunch while a question period was held for everything from nutrition, training, racing, equipment, to bike mechanics. The run clinic, held on the Ironman Calgary 70.3 course, involved a group run with running form analysis and discussions about training, nutrition, race strategy. I ran the athletes through running drills, strides and bounding and shared my knowledge on running bio-mechanics and training the body to run faster. A BBQ with a question period to finished off the day.

Race Director

Through the Talisman Centre, Jon Bird and I organize and run several events each year. For the past 2 years, we have hosted 2-4 indoor Aquathlon events. These short distance swim run events are for athletes of all ages and skill level. The goal is to provide competition over the winter to keep athletes motivated and to provide a fun, engaging environment for the Triathlon community.

In 2014, I will be organizing the inaugural Talisman Centre Indoor Triathlon. This event will be held in early 2014 and will consist of an indoor sprint triathlon. The competition will be open to all levels and will be a fun way to test your fitness early in the season. My goal is to provide a well run event at minimum cost to the athletes and provide a competitive, fun atmosphere that attracts individuals to the sport.

For the past couple years I have also assisted with the organization of the Chinook Half Ironman and the Ironman Calgary 70.3.


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