Making the tough decisions

Let’s just say the past 6 weeks haven’t gone as planned. After my best winter of training with PB’s on the bike, constancy with training and a general enjoyment of what I do….life got in the way. Most likely I could have handled one or two items, but when it feels like your life completely falls apart, something has to give.

This weekend I didn’t race Wildflower as initially planned. This was a hard decision because I was coming off a win at Leadman 125 and Wildflower is one of my all time favourite races. So why did I drop out? Well, we looked at my wattages from Leadman and realized I was about 30Watts lower normalized power than I rode last year over 90km. I was tired, struggling with getting workouts done and the love of the sport wan’t there. Instead of heading to the race and having a performance I wouldn’t be happy with, we decided to stay at home, save money and try and find passion and consistency again.

When I’m training and racing well it is because I have been consistent. Each day I get up, don’t question the work I have to do that day and get it done. I’m excited by the pain and challenges of training. I’m passionate about what I do and driven to be better than I’ve been in the past and everyone else on the starting line. This is what I need to get back to. I need to find the passion, routine and love for my sport. This is why I stayed home and this is the journey I am on. The past 2 months my triathlon training has felt like a job, added to my other triathlon job of coaching. Training and racing needs to get back to why I started it in the first place….because I absolutely LOVE it.

Grant Burwash Triathlon run

Grant Burwash Triathlon run


2 thoughts on “Making the tough decisions

  1. Grant, I can’t read your blog. It does not appear. Anyway, I am back in Calgary and devastated at the news that you are leaving. I’m not sure of the exact plan and when you are going and dates and times etc. I’ll be at the Brick class this evening and will hear all the news, I am sure. I also have to get my GB gear that I ordered. I don’t think I paid for it yet. Ahhhhhhhhh, Grant. Over for now, Gwen

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  2. Sorry to hear you’ve hit a rough patch! Hope some down time revives your focus and determination. You deserve the best!! Take care:)

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