Splattered Peacock Ride

This morning I woke up at 6 to observe a beautiful morning in St Croix. The water was gave off a rolling background noise as the island seemed to stand still. The ocean air flowed through my open window as I sat doing work and enjoying the sunny, windless morning in the Caribbean. After it had warmed up a bit and was 28C, I decided to head out for my run. I had a great run and loved the heat beating down on my bare back and face and couldn’t help but smile as I poured sweat onto the pavement.

Then, it was time for the swim. It was waiting to jump into the crystal clear ocean that I got my first glance of Lance Armstrong. As expected, everyone seemed to hover around him, but his body language and posse made it clear he was there to swim and not sign. I found the swim very helpful because I had guessed the currents wrong earlier and had made a mistake on where to swim coming back in. Another chance in the water tomorrow will be welcomed. After that it was time to ride. My legs felt heavy to start, but after a good warm up and some time at race effort, they really started to turn around. I was thoroughly enjoying the ride and the scenery was incredible when I saw Peacock feathers. Then, there were more…and more and then splat, the bird behind the feathers lying flattened on it’s road. I thought it was funny to see the beauty before disaster that lead to them. Not a couple kms later, I got a flat on my tubular. I tried my pitstop, but that didn’t work, so it was a long 13km ride until I met someone who was meeting their wife and gave me a ride home. All I’m going to say is that when you are riding on a carbon rim with no dampening, the roads here in St Croix are ROUGH. So, like the Peacock, my beautiful ride quickly turned to disaster.

The rest of the day was encompassed with driving the rest of the bike course including the 24%grade of the Beast, a pro meet and greet, a local street festival called Jump Up, dinner and rest. What a day. Let’s hope I’m done with all the little disasters of the trip and Sunday goes off without a hitch.

Time to change a tubular tire, so that’s all for today.


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