Video from Friday

Last Friday morning, I was on City TV’s breakfast television with some other coaches from the Talisman Tri Club. Jon and I did most of the segments. This interview taught me a lot. First, I need to smile more. Granted, I was on the verge of getting quite sick and spent the next 3 days in bed, but still, I look angry at the world. Second, Jon has the most excessive/impressive eyebrow movement known to man. Third, anything quirky= interesting to reporters. Four, don’t slip when trying to dive into the pool (note Holly’s dive if you got it on TV)


BTV Fitness Friday- Grant Burwash, Jon Bird Talisman Centre Triathlon Club



3 thoughts on “Video from Friday

  1. LOL, tears. I swear, I wouldn’t have even noticed the eyebrows if you hadn’t pointed it out, but you *did* point it out, so I was looking for it, and the first shot of Jon—the camera catches him for like .5 seconds, and well, just look out for it at 00:32.

    Seriously though—you guys looked awesome.

  2. Good thing you can only see the slip into the pool when you watch the video in slow motion! At least it wasn’t a total belly flop. Oops. HH

  3. It is neat to see worlds collide… Jill Belland was in my youth group and I councelled Grant at big ol’ Camp K! It was determination and focus on your face rather than anger! Good luck with the upcoming season

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