Augusta 70.3 tomorrow

Well, even though this week has been light training wise, my body feels exhausted from the illness. This is evident in the fact that the past 2 nights I have got a solid 10hours of sleep. This is far above my average, so it’s great to be sleeping so well leading into a race.

My training went much better today. I actually felt a little spark on the run and swim and the body seemed to loosen out a bit. I got my 4th flat in 3 days on the ride today, which doubles my yearly total. I felt like an idiot this morning when I went for my swim. I planned to do my ride, then jump in the lake and head to package pick up. This plan worked flawlessly by taking my swim trunks and everything I’d need for the training, except I forgot my goggles. My faith in humanity was restored when the first person I asked generously leant me his goggles… lovely chap. I didn’t want to mention that I was a pro, but he asked, which was a little embarrassing, but gave us a good laugh.

I quickly zipped through the expo, picked up some pit stop for tomorrow, and now I’m killing some time before my race meeting at 4. I’m looking forward to a relaxing evening tonight and having a good race tomorrow. I have no idea what my body or the weather will do tomorrow, so I’m going to race my heart out. Results never come unless you put yourself in a position of greatness and see what happens. Thanks for all the support and emails while I’ve been gone. If you want to follow the race tomorrow, you can at.



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