Things are different down South

I have been in Augusta Georgia since Monday night and it has been….interesting to say the least. If I do this double again, I would spend the time in Cancun because the training and weather is actually better there. It’s hot here (high 20’s-30), but has been cloudy and rainy every day. I’m actually a little worried I’m losing my tan! Once you get out of the city, the riding here is actually descent. That being said, I’ve had 3 flat tires and torn through 2 tires and 3 tubes in the process. I keep getting shards of glass or metal that slice the tire, let’s hope I’m over that for race day.

Right now my body feels pretty crappy. I had the stomach flu for 36 hours. Pretty much I started loosing all my fluids and foods on Wednesday night and didn’t eat anything for over 24 hours. The stomach problems continued today, but I was able to get my training in early afternoon when my stomach finally calmed down. I still feel bloated, sore and all around fatigued, but there is still a day to get rid of that. Tomorrow it’s time to make sure I’m hydrated, sharpen up the muscles and get some calories back in me. I’m always hungry (as per usual), but I’m wary not to eat to much so I don’t bloat up and get heavy for Sunday. I’m not sure what caused it, but I’m thinking either food poisoning, or swallowing to much river water. We are swimming in the Savannah river, which is actually a disgusting body of water with weeds, dirty water, boats and patches that seem like they have oil in them. Thankfully I only have 2 swims left in it before I get to stop.

Tomorrow I have the pro meeting and will do a final preparatory swim, bike and run. Then it’s time to get phsyched for Sunday. The pro field looks deep, so it should be an exciting hard day. Sleep tight.


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