Cancun Chronicles

The first part of this journey is over…travelling to Cancun. I arrived safely last night with myself and my gear all intact. Everything went smoothly, although everything seemed to take a long time. Once at the hotel, I walked down and bought 20L of water, put together my bike, ate a quick meal and went to bed just after 10. Quite an exhausting day actually.

Today I went out to swim in the ocean at 7am (race time). Cancun is absolutely stunning. The water is crystal clear blue and the sand is soft and white. On the beach this morning I was greeted by red flags, indicating the waves are high, so don’t swim. Needless to say, I ignored that and went swimming. The waves weren’t that big, but they don’t stop after the main breaking point, so the swim on Sunday is going to be slow and hard. What an experience to be able to swim in this place. After I went for a run and came back absolutely soaked. The humidity and heat here are extreme, but by the end of the run I was feeling much better.

After my jolly jaunt, I headed out on the bike around noon to pick up my race package. I’m number 12 for Sunday, but didn’t really get any more info. It made me laugh that instead of a race shirt, they gave us a jacket as race clothing. I feel ready to go and the legs wanted to hammer on the bike today, probably the lower altitude. I’ll update again tomorrow, but for now, here are some pics of my trip so far.

My hotel

My hotel from the street

View of the ocean and the hotel pool

View of the ocean and the hotel pool

Grant Burwash triathlon Cancun 70.3

Grant Burwash soaking up some rays in Cancun


One thought on “Cancun Chronicles

  1. Thanks for including me in your updates Grant. I will never be a triathlete of your caliber BUT I can vicariously experience it by seeing your pictures and reading your words. It was great seeing you in Banff again. I put some pictures (including the one of me and you) at: (my favorite video is watching you run – I just watch that and go WOW!)

    Best wishes for your race. …… Bob

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