Win at Banff International Triathlon

This past weekend I raced the Subaru Banff International Triathlon. What a perfect day for racing. The weather was clear, sunny and a high in the mid 20’s. I was using this race as a final tune up before I head down south for several 70.3’s this fall. The day started out with a swim in the 14C Two Jack Lake. I was actually quite happy that my hands and feet went numb in my warm up swim so that I didn’t feel like I was cooling down during the rest of the race. I knew my main competition would come from Ironman UK champion, Scott Nyedli. About 500m into the swim I found myself at the front of the race with Scott on my heels. I decided to put in a couple surges to drop him, but he responded to each on. When I realized I wasn’t going to crack him, I settled into a relaxed rhythm and came out of the water first, with Scott on my heels.

The run to the first transition was up a hill and my breathing got out of control and I felt really off. I quickly tried to calm down once I was on the bike and focus on the next task at hand. Scott passed me 6km into the bike, at which point I decided to just follow behind him and let him set the pace. We played cat and mouse on the bike, exchanging leads several times before he lead me into T2 by a few seconds. My game plan was now to put in a surge for the first 2km of the run and see what kind of damage I could do to Scott. After the first km, I had put probably 150m on him and settled into a tempo run. Throughout the day I was having stomach issues and probably threw up half a dozen times, so I didn’t want to have to put in any significant surges on the run. As I rolled through the run, I thought about the next two weeks of racing and tried to hold a steady pace. I was quite happy in the end with my run split of 33:19 and overjoyed to get my third win of the season.

One of the highlights of the day was having Hillary and my family there to watch. Because of my travel schedule, it’s not very often that my family and friends get to see me race, so this was a treat. I would also like to give a special thanks to Centaur Subaru, Speed Theory and PowerBar, who were all on site helping me this weekend.

Full results are posted here

Next up, Ironman Cancun 70.3 on Sunday.

Here are some pics from Kelowna

Grant Burwash Kelowna triathlon

Grant having a pre race chat with Holy and Hillary. Racing with support is great!

Grant Burwash Kelowna triathlon

Grant Burwash Kelowna triathlon

Grant Burwash Kelowna triathlon

Grant Burwash Kelowna triathlon



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