Life in Kelowna so far

It’s been a few days in since nationals and I’ve had a great time hanging out and training in Kelowna. The weather hasn’t been as hot as I thought it would be, but today was 33*C in the sun and I couldn’t have been happier. I’m really trying to take advantage of the sun and heat to prep me for my fall races in hot climates. This means sleeping in until 7 before starting the day to get my workouts in during the heat of the day.

Today was an especially good training day. I’ve really noticed that the running legs are starting to come around and feeling surprisingly fresh (it probably helps that I didn’t hash out a 10km on the weekend). Today started with a quick dip in the lake followed by a 105min run. The run was great and I explored new roads and basked in the sun as I let the sun grace my pasty white back and chest. This took me until about 11am. Then, after downing about 2 litres of water, it was on the bike for a 125km ride in the heat of the day to Vernon. I’ve noticed with some of the terrain around here that my average riding speed isn’t as high as Calgary. Today’s ride was especially slow because I did some exploring on roads that looked like they had a hill to climb and hit two gravel sections that saw my speed drop to 11-15kmph and I rattled and rolled.

My legs are a little sore tonight, so I’ve got my CEP compression socks on as I try to bring juice back to the legs to do it all again tomorrow. Tomorrow night I’m heading to Penticton to do an epic ride on Friday and then start working with PowerBar for Ironman Canada. Should be a good weekend.

Today’s treat for my hard work was fresh veggies from the garden, Okanagen fruit and a DQ blizzard….well deserved I think.


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