First time for everything

Today I raced triathlon nationals in Kelowna. The race started at 2pm under some clouds and the temperature wasn’t that hot. As the day went on the sun would come out and the temperature slowly increase creating some carnage on the run. My body hasn’t been feeling 100%, but I was very excited to get the race started. The swim started out hectic as usual and in the first lap I found myself settling in at the front of a pack. After the run on the beach I started the second lap and put a solid effort to try and bridge the gap to the next pack. A few hundred meters later I found myself in no mans land and unable to bridge up. I would put in a solid effort and it wouldn’t get me any closer to the pack. I came out of the swim just behind one other athlete and about 20sec behind a large group.


Heading into T1 I really tried to bridge up but was only able to catch the 3 riders in front of me. Every time on the Knox hill the pack would attack and spread out a bit. By the second lap we ended up getting a descent group together and were working together fairly well. My energy levels were up and down on the bike. At times I felt really strong and then I would be at the back of the pack and feel like crap for a couple minutes. I really interested to see my power files from the race as this was the first race I did with a power meter on. On the 5th of 6 laps on the bike going up Knox hill, I started to feel my rear tire go flat. The pack I was in dropped me and it was just myself and one other athlete off the back. I was losing traction and sliding around corners. At the bottom of the hill I hit the train tracks and then felt my rear tire go completely flat. After that it was the long walk of shame to transition and handing in my timing chip.

Today was only my second DNF in my triathlon career and my first flat. It was a frustrating day, but there isn’t anything you can do about it. The good news is that I’m ok and didn’t crash out. Now I have 8 days in the Okanagan of training to get ready for the fall of racing. Congrats to Simon Whitfield and Kyle Jones for going 1,2 in todays race.

There will always be another race and it will go better than today did. This wasn’t what I wanted, but racing is all about highs and lows. Today was a low, but highs are to come. Thanks to everyone for your support. It means the world to know people are out there cheering me on.


2 thoughts on “First time for everything

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your flat in your race, but thank you for this post, it really helped me to move on from my mistake in my first junior elite race at Kelowna on Saturday. I ended up running 3 laps instead of 4. I was so upset when I found out and felt embarrassed and ashamed. Your post helped me to realize that there is nothing you can change and that you must move on and focus on your next task.

    Thank you 🙂
    Jessie Lilly first year junior elite

  2. Hi
    I’m sorry to hear about your flat, but thank you for your post. I raced junior elite on Saturday and missed a lap on the run. I was upset when I found out and embarrassed. I couldn’t stop dwelling on the mistake I made. Your post helped me to get over it, I’ve realized that it can even happen to the pros, and triathlon is filled
    With ups and downs that’s what makes us race harder.

    Thank you
    Jessie Lilly first year female junior elite

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