A labour of love

This weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to attend another triathlon event and not race. I went down to Lake Chaparral to cheer on some of my athletes as they embarked on a sprint or olympic distance triathlon. The weather couldn’t have been better and just being outside was treat. The day got off to an interesting start when one of my athletes texted me asking me if I could pick up his race package. Apparently his wife might be in labour, but they were still planning on making it down to the race. This may come across as incredibly selfish of this individual, but I assure you he is anything but. We jokingly called it his “Labour of Love”, to put himself in pain the day his wife was going to go into labour. It was understood that at any point in time he could be pulled from the course to embark on another race…the one to the hospital.

The baby didn’t end up coming that morning and he finished the race and was greeted by a smiling wife, enjoying the sunshine with their 2 year old daughter. This speaks wonders for how much better off children are that come from active families. This scenario sparked a discussion this week about how the children of parents at the triathlon have a chance. What I mean by this, is their parents are setting an example of a healthy lifestyle and fitness. Many children are only exposed to lazy parents, video games and poor food choices. My support goes out to all those parents, like mine, that set an example for their children and exposed them to a healthy childhood.

One thought on “A labour of love

  1. Two Comments:

    1) My 3 year old daughter just cranked out a 3km ride on her new two wheeler (still has training wheels). Having an active kid is so much fun. Look out Grant, she will be gunning for you at Wasa in a few years.

    2) Good luck this weekend. If your fitness is anywhere near where you had it before the toe incident, you will have a great race.


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