No Monroe for this toe

In sport, as in life, there are many decisions to be made. Some hard, some easy. The decision to pull out of this weekends Continental Cup in Monroe ended up being a lot easier than I expected. As much as it pains me to pull out of the race this weekend, I know it’s the right decision to make. I have yet to start running again and the foot is still quite painful. I have started swimming again and just need to not push off the walls with the toe. Cycling also is ok, but my toe is constantly in pain and any pot hole sends a shock of pain radiating up my leg. Although I wish I had better news to share that I somehow was miraculously healing and already in Seattle, I don’t. Instead of being on a plane today at noon, I was outside on my bike getting caught in a rain storm…in Calgary. But, this is just one of life’s speed bumps and I wouldn’t have done anything different last weekend. So, now it’s time to recover and start to focus on the next race in early July in San Francisco.

I would like to wish all my friends great results this weekend who are competing in the Canadian Track and Field nationals in Calgary. Rip it up!


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