Day 2 in Mexico

I’m happy to report that today was a much better day. After a good night sleep and getting back to being fully hydrated my body has started to come around. Even though it took a while to cool down enough to sleep last night, I got slept well. The funny thing was my hotel runs out of cold water. I thought in Mexico it was hard to find hot water…oh well.

When I got back from my run I was pleasantly surprised to see Jon walking out of our room. Thankfully he arrived safe and just in time to join me for a swim. Training today was much better and the body felt a lot better than yesterday. Jon and I even had a good dinner on our balcony with his mini pot that allowed us to have quinoa, beans, avocado, tuna and salsa. It was a much better meal than last night and my stomach doesn’t nearly seem as upset.

Tomorrow it’s time to head to the race site to scout it out and do some final prep work for race day.

Good night from my ocean view in Zihuatenejo.


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