Made it to Mexico

This will hopefully be my first of many post from my home for the week in Zihuatanejo Mexico. I’m racing a continental cup here on Saturday and I just got in today. My last workouts in Calgary were done inside and were less than spectacular to say the least. I actually did all my workouts inside this week leading up to the race so it would be hotter and more humid to try and simulate Mexico. I was also sitting in a steam room, but that didn’t seem to help at all within 10mins of my first run here…but we’ll get to that.

I left my house around 4pm yesterday for a 6pm flight. I had no problems with customs at all and didn’t even have to pay for my bike. Actually, the entire trip down was a dream considering my bike didn’t get lost, there were no delays, I had an empty seat beside me the whole way and I was able to sleep on every flight. The bad part was my flights were changed so I took a red eye from San Fran to Houston which meant intermittently sleeping while in transit for 22 hours from home to hotel. Thankfully my 16hour days at Talisman over the past year have taught me to sleep anywhere and with any kind of noise around. My 2 best sleeps were on the 3+hour red eye flight to Houston and then in the Houston Airport. I made myself comfortable sleeping on the floor at the end of two benches by the window where no one would disturb me (except one security guard who didn’t know what the airports policy was on sleeping on the floor).

Long story short, I’m here, I’m safe and I’m sweating. Immediately when I got here, I went for a run at 2pm and was drenched within the first 10mins. My whole body feels like crap, but that has more to do with the 22hours of travelling, lack of sleep and inadequate food that lead into my run and swim today. Tomorrow is another day and Jon get’s here to stay with me. I’m nervous, but excited to race on Saturday. It’s beautiful here, so I’m going to put my computer down and stare out into the ocean and visualize the race.



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