Today I was horrified to hear that pro cyclist Wouter Weylandt, died on a descent in the Giro d’Italia. This got me thinking about how amazing it is that this is not a more common occurrence.  At the time, the peleton was descending at over 70km/h, which is not even close to the top speeds they reach. What makes the descents so crazy though, are the switchbacks and that you are sometimes descending in groups of 100 guys. If you happen to go down in cycling, there is only spandex covering your body and a high tech piece of foam and plastic to protect your head. The couple times that I have crashed are still very vivid in my mind and hearing a story like Wouter’s only brings the images and emotions back to the surface.

As I was reading articles on him and glancing at pictures I couldn’t help gazing at him and think he had no idea today would be his last day and that he would die riding a bike. Interestingly enough, this morning before I even heard about the death, I started thinking about death on my ride. Don’t ask me why, but I was not feeling that great during the ride and kind of disappointed that I didn’t have time to get outside for my ride. My mind wandered to what else I would rather be doing. I decided that even if today was my last day, I would have gotten up at 5 and would have still put in the training because to me, that would be the perfect way to go. It’s funny how all the dots in life just seem to connect.

I guess today the universe is trying to tell me to live. Don’t just float through life and be satisfied. Find something that you are totally enthralled with and passionate abouth, and the thought of throwing yourself down a mountain at 80km/h on 4 cm² of rubber, taking hairpin turns, doesn’t turn you off because you get to do what you love.

Live today my friends!



2 thoughts on “Live!

  1. What a great way to feel – that you really are doing what you want and enjoy and gives you satisfaction. Not time nor a life wasted.

  2. I decided yesterday that I would ride to work today. It’s 38 km each way. I live in Spruce Grove and ride to the east side of Edmonton – half on the highway and the second half through the city. I have one descent on the way home where I get up to around 70 kph. Your post has not deterred me. I will probably be even more careful than usual. … Bob

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