World Cup Run Standard….check

This past weekend I flew out to Victoria to run in the Times Colonist 10km race. I had one thing on my mind this weekend, and one thing only. That was to run under 32:40 and get the World Cup run standard. What this means, is that once I have the swim and the run standard and the swim standard, I can apply to race on the triathlon World Cup circuit.

The weekend started out famously with a pick up from the airport by Jon and then enjoying my time with him and Holly before the race. I was put up in a hotel a block from the start line the night before the race which set me up perfectly for race morning. I was absolutely blown away by the hospitality that the Jacqui and the whole race organization committee showed me. Attached to my number there was a hand written card, they put me up in a hotel and provided me with elite status. On top of that Jacqui came up to me before and after the race to see how I was doing, introduce herself and congratulate me….WOW! This is how a race should be run. Thank you so much to Jacqui and her staff.

Now the race. My quad had been bothering me for a couple weeks leading up to the race, but when I hit the start line, there was no question in my mind that I would run standard that day. I knew I was definitely fit enough and was looking to run 31:30. After a solid warm up, I toed the line with 11,000 of my new closest friends and got ready to rock. Just before the start Jon found me and yelled “Let’s go G-Force” into the masses, which got me right fired up.

Grant Burwash TC10k 2011

Grant Burwash TC10k 2011

The gun went and I settled into a good pace right away. I rolled through the first mile in 5:05 and then settle in. I had a hard time not letting the legs fly. The early season race jitters were high and I just wanted to let myself go. I knew I needed to conserve, so I tucked in behind a group and just ran. A few moves later I found myself running alone in 8th place and went through 5km in 15:47. This was perfect pace. The initial half of the course had some rolling hills on it and never seemed to be flat. I hoped to maintain on the last half, but then the quad acted up. I suddenly got really stiff and couldn’t let the legs get any speed. Jon got some video and I looked as tense as I felt during the race. I was caught by 2 guys and we ran together until 8km before they started to pull away. The last couple km, my quad really started burning and there was no spark left in the legs. I gutted it out though and crossed the line in 11th place and in a time of 32:11. Slightly disappointed with the time, but happy to have standard taken care of.

After I finished I watched Holly come through, 20seconds shy of a pb and then went for a nice long cool down. Within 5mins of finishing I was feeling fine and actually just really wanted to go for a long run or bike. As a whole, I’m happy with the weekend and look forward to the next step. Here are some pics from the weekend.

Grant Burwash TC10k 2011

Grant Burwash TC10k 2011

Thanks to everyone for your support.



2 thoughts on “World Cup Run Standard….check

  1. Thanks for the update Grant. Congratulations on doing the World Cup time. When I looked at the results and saw Simon Whitfield in second place, I said WOW. He doesn’t seem to have lost his ability to run like a gazelle at all!

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