Chillin at the Birds nest

I made it to Victoria safely last night and was greated at the airport by Jon Bird. I spending some time with him and Holly before I race the Times Colonist 10km in the morning. It’s so nice to be here and see Jon’s stomping grounds and reconnect with some good friends. They’ve done a great job of keeping my mind occupied before my season opener in the morning. All the work is now done and now it’s just a matter of wrapping my head around how much tomorrow morning is going to hurt.

Race start is 8am. I’ll post as soon as I’m back to the computer. You can look for results here.

Here’s to putting the body in a lot of pain to run fast!



One thought on “Chillin at the Birds nest

  1. Hi Grant,
    Congrats on your run on Sunday. I wanted to thank you for chatting with me after the TC10km. It was my first race ever and be it much much much slower than you run, you were very supportive and encouraging. It was much appreciated.
    All the best with your future training and runs. I hope you had a good stay in Victoria.

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