My Epic Birthday Weekend- I’m officially a quarter centurion

I would like to start this post off by thanking everyone who sent me birthday wishes this year. On Saturday, I embarked on the 25th year of my life and if Saturday is any indication of what this year will be like, you better hold on. The day started at 6 am with a two hour run with two hard 15min tempo sections. After that I lead a bike class at Talisman for 3 hours. My class started out with so much energy and they even brought streamers, noisemakers, birthday cake and a toy gun to celebrate the occasion. The spin was incredible and the energy was high, even though we hadn’t tapped into the birthday cake yet. After spin it was time for a truly fabulous yoga session lead by Hillary Higgins. I don’t do yoga very often, but the two sessions I have done with Hillary I found quite beneficial. My body is always tired from training, and I may be a little light headed or some muscles may be cramping at the start, but by the end I always feel so relaxed and limber.

In the evening I was fortunate enough to have dinner with some close friends before the tri club took me to Ranchman’s for some two-stepping. For those of you that don’t know, I am a huge country music fan and I really like dancing. My choice in music is usually to the dismay of my athletes, but when country music is accompanied by my skinny limbs flailing around a dance floor, country music doesn’t seem so bad to them. Obviously I got my quota of exercise that day because by the last few dances I was struggling to pick my legs up while dancing. It truly was an incredible day and thanks to everyone who helped make it special. Here is a pic from my spin class.

Grant Burwash birthday Talisman

Grant Burwash birthday Talisman



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