Rings, Rainbows and Redemption

Last week was the spring break for the tri club and that meant I had most of the week off coaching. This meant I had a fabulous opportunity to get in a massive week of training. Jack had me doing a large volume week with a few key workouts to keep the volume high, while not missing out on the intensity. Mentally I’d been preparing for this week ever since it showed up on my schedule and I entered the week in a great head space and ready to go.

By the end of Wednesday I was already tired, sore and feeling the stress of the week. My motivation and concentration was very high all week, which was great considering I did all but 2 of my 15 workouts alone. The weather didn’t cooperate either and I had to do all my riding inside. By the end of the week my whole body ached. I had a headache from being tired and was ravenous. When I finished my last workout I was very satisfied with the week and pleased with the pain I had put myself through. Weeks like that are the ones that will make me reach my goals.

My mental focus stayed strong because I kept thinking about race season and what I wanted to accomplish. A mantra that kept creeping into my head was “Rings, Rainbows and Redemption.” These are my short term and long term goals in a nice little phrase. This year I’m looking for some redemption. I have had many struggles in the past, especially being away from ITU racing for 3 year. This year I want to beat my critics and prove that Grant is back in full force and is to be feared. Rings is a symbol of the Olympic rings. This has been a goal of mine since I was a little boy running around my parents farm playing any and every sport with my older brother. Rainbows stands for world championships. The rainbow jersey is worn by the current world champion in cycling, but many triathletes will put a rainbow stripe on their suit after they win a world championship. One day I will have that stripe around my legs in short course or long course.

Last week I was prepared to put the work in to make these dreams happen and this week the work continues. No one said the road to reach goals was easy, but the more work required, the more rewarding the prize. I can’t wait for summer.

Grant Burwash Banff triathlon

Grant Burwash Banff triathlon

Grant Burwash Ironman Calgary 70.3

Grant Burwash Ironman Calgary 70.3



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