Dreading the inevitable

Friday morning I woke up and was thinking, only 2 days of training until the week is over. This has been one of those weeks that with each day, the fatigue and soreness of the legs grows. Not only has training been hard, but my sleeping has been a little off this week.

Friday morning I found myself standing on the pool deck at 5:50am having just read the warm up for the Cascade swim. My gaze was shallow and watching the ripples of the water break against the lane ropes as the windows in the building revealed the frigid Calgary winter. Nothing was really on my mind except trying to scrounge up every ounce of energy to get through the days workouts. A friend of mine, Chris Hooper, picked up on this state and said it looked like I was about to head off to prison. I laughed a little, knowing he had a point. I enjoy what I do, but there are days when every muscle in your body aches and you feel like you are in a prison of your own pain. There is no escaping and nothing to do but to push through until you hit the recovery period.

Today, is that rest day. I’ve just finished my work for the day and am now heading off to Church and then lunch with friends. My body is still throbbing, but by tomorrow morning, the aches should be minimized and I’ll be ready to attach another week.



2 thoughts on “Dreading the inevitable

  1. Hey Grant!

    I read all your blog entries and they always inspire me. I believe in you and your goals! I’m proud of you buddy! You can do it Grant 🙂

    Your friend


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