My life as of late

Well, maintaining this blog has been a little difficult lately. It’s not because I don’t want people to know what is going on, it really just because I have been incredibly busy and frankly when I do get a minute, I often am blanking on words to write. For the past few weeks now I have been back running the full triathlon and cycling program at the Talisman Centre. I’m very excited about the athletes and coaches I am working with right now and each day is exciting to see how I can shape and mold the athletes to achieve their goals. This time of year is very exciting as a coach because people are usually quite motivated because a little bit of fear has creeped into their minds now that it’s approaching spring.

As far as my training is going, well, it’s going. I have been incredibly tired lately managing the workload of training and work. I have been on a bit of a volume kick for the past few weeks and I was really enjoying the training. Problems was, my body wasn’t responding as well as we hoped and in many ways it seemed like I was getting slower. My cycling is doing well, but my swimming and running has really been suffering lately. Last week I did a 5km TT on the track and was very disappointed with the result. In the past two week I’ve had some major “Fails” at workouts, which hasn’t made things any easier. I’m looking towards race season and see there is so much left to do. It looks like my first race will be April 9 in Mexico, so I’ve got the motivation and the deadline.

One of the main reasons training has been so mentally tough for me lately is because I’m running quite poorly. For me, my run has always been my not so secret weapon that was always in my back pocket. No matter the time of the year, I was usually running decently and could hold my own at practices. As of late, I haven’t been enjoying running like n0rmal and don’t feel like it’s me that is running when I go out. I’m working very hard to get over this through drills, focus, gait analysis and physio, but it all take time. I found this video the other day and thought it was fitting to the situation. Those of you looking for motivation, here you go.

My favorite quote:

Here’s one (a joke) for you. “Knock knock.

Who’s There?

The guy who finished second.

The guy who finished second who?





3 thoughts on “My life as of late

  1. By the sounds of things,’re training well now! You’re body showing the signs of being worked is a good thing. Stress/load – recover – adapt,..repeat. When you’re going backwards, it’s never fun,..but often necessary for a future reward. I know you know this already,..but often when you’re the one going through it, it’s not fun,…and sometimes it’s good to have someone remind you of that.

    I’m looking forward to seeing how you go this summer. Best to you Grant!


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