Suffer fest leads to success

This morning was a big breakthrough in my training. At the Talisman we run through a TT test on the bike. The protocol is 3min TT, 12min easy spinning and then a 20min TT. This test is used to set training zones based on the wattage achieved during the test. The last test I did was in October and today was a huge improvement. In my 3min TT, I improved 17% and 10% in my 20min TT. I’m very happy with how the test went. As expected it was incredibly painful and apparently I started shaking 12min into the 20min TT. Jon got some of it on video, so I’ll try and get that and post it soon.

Today was a good mental boost for me. This fall has had some highs and lows and a lot of unknowns with the new training regime. I’m very happy with how my cycling is progressing and it reiterates the fact that my coach Jack knows what he’s doing.

A huge thanks to Jon, Holly and Jeremy for being there to cheer me on as they rode. It is so much easier to put yourself into a world of hurt when there are people around who know how to get you going.


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