Tready run is the start to a great Saturday

Saturday was always destined to be a good day. A good friend of mine was having a wedding celebration that night in Ardrossan AB by Edmonton. This meant a night of catching up with friends and dancing in a festive atmosphere. This was also the first road trip in my new Subaru, but I’ll write on that later.

That morning I slept in a little and when my alarm went off at 6:15 I wasn’t feeling to perky. I had decided to do my long run on a tready at Talisman instead of dragging clothes around and running outside. This turned out to be a fabulous decision. I was supposed to do a 90-100mins run, but I was loving it. This was by far the best treadmill run I have ever had. I completely zoned out, was enjoying myself thoroughly and was cruising along. I can honestly say at that time there was nothing else I would have rather done. I kept extending my run until I hit 115mins and had to stop for the spin class. I didn’t even notice that I had a bloody nipple until one of my athletes affectionately pointed it out before making it a point of conversation for the 2 hour spin class.

After the run I quickly jumped on my bike for a 2 hour base ride and was holding quite good wattage. Energy levels were high until the last 30mins when I was getting hungry. Realizing I was going to be a hazard on the road, I drove home for a bite to eat and a quick nap before making the trek up past Edmonton. My legs were definitely stiff by time I got there, but loosened up very quickly as the dance music came on. When you are one of 8 individuals under 35 and the only other guy other than the groom, there is a lot expected of you. Needless to say, I danced the night away and went to bed quite fatigued and satisfied with another good day in the books.

1hour 55min run + 2hour bike + 3 hours of dancing = Epic Saturday


One thought on “Tready run is the start to a great Saturday

  1. Oh, Grant. Big expectations = dancing with all the women (young and old) at the wedding. Tough life my friend, tough life. I hope your nipples didn’t bleed on the dance floor, that would have been a little tougher to explain.

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