Hangin’ at TC and mental toughness

I have a few minutes to spare at the Talisman Centre, so I thought I’d update my blog. I’m currently in the middle of  a long day at the TC, 5:40am-8:45pm. This is  combination of coaching, working out and work on the computer. Actually the day has gone by pretty quickly so far, probably because it has been quite productive.

Yesterday I had one of the best days mentally of the season so far. After a solid 87min run in the morning I proceeded to do my strengthening, speed and mobility work. I was feeling pretty good throughout all of it, but by the end of the last bounding session there was little oomph left in my legs. I find running in the snow really takes the spark out of your legs. All the sliding and poor footing puts added stress to my thighs as well as my groin. That being said, most days I’d rather gallop around outside than slug it out on a tready. After the run I had a quick bite to eat and then hit the bike trainer in my garage for 2.5 hours. Things were going great until my computer died with 40mins to go. This meant no music, no movie, nothing. It was now decision time. It would have been easy to run inside and warm my feet up and call it a day, but I settled in a hashed out the rest of the workout. Cold, alone and in total silence I finished the workout easily. These workouts are what make athletes mentally tough enough to get through the pain and lonliness on race day. It’s nice to have things start to look up.

Be tough


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