Training this week

After a late night on Friday, I had Saturday off training. I’m not usually a fan of taking a day off, but this fall I’m trying something a little different. We’re trying to find the balance between how my body responds to different workloads and different amounts and forms of rest. Last week was very busy, so I actually was looking forward to a day off with no room mates home. The day started with an incredible sleep in, that lasted until 8am. After that, I cleaned a bit answered emails, made some calls and then watched a movie before taking a 2hour nap in the afternoon. By the next morning, I was totally rejuvenated, but feeling a little flat. Sunday’s training wasn’t to bad, but first thing Monday morning I got smacked in the face with a hard swim workout. When you jump in and the first thing on the board is 16x100kick before the fast stuff, I know my body is going to be tired for the rest of the day. I got through the swim fine and made all but 2 pace times. My motivating factor was that Ryan Cochrane just kicked a 5:09 400m long course last week! I’m not quite there.



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