Augusta 70.3 Race report

The swim was down stream in the Savanna River and so my goal was just to stay in contact. I had a good warm-up and was excited to go. After trying to hover in place with the current for the start the horn finally went and the day had begun. I never really settled into the swim, but was very conscious of my position and my effort. I came out of the water with a descent swim and not having lost any significant time.

Grant Burwash Augusta 70.3 Ironman Triathlon

Grant Burwash Augusta triathlon swim

It was raining as I started my bike ride and I tried to stay in contact with the guys in front of me. There were some uber bikers at the race, and a very strong pro field overall. I knew I would lose time to some of the guys, but I wanted to stay in contact with the group of 6 guys just ahead of me. This plan worked for about 15km, and then things went down hill. There just was no spark in my legs and I felt as if I was 1 or 2 gears easier then what I needed to be pushing. The air temp was 25-28*C with 100% humidity and pouring rain. I made sure to stay hydrated knowing that I was still sweating a lot, even if I couldn’t feel it. The rain was torrential and in a couple sections, I actually sunk my front wheel, which is a 58mm deep 404! The course was a little slower with the rain, but there was only one corner that was really sketchy, considering I didn’t know it was a 180* corner. As I approached the end of the bike, I kept telling myself to look forward to moving on the run. My hip had been hurting for the past 50km, but I viewed the run as starting fresh.

Grant Burwash Ironman 70.3 Augusta triathlon

Grant Burwash triathlon Augusta

When I got to T2, everything was soaked. I slid on my sopping wet racing flats and headed out on the course. I tried to push the pace and settle into my rhythm, but I knew I was running slow. Then, the mind games really began. As I was running, I realized how uncomfortable I was. My entire body ached and I was incredibly fatigued with the effort. All my mind and body were telling me to do was to stop and drop out. After the first mile, I started counting down the mile. However, I mentally couldn’t stand to count down every mile or km on a half marathon, so i decided to count to half way and then start counting again. Mentally I had to keep telling myself “You don’t quit Grant”, “This is what you came here to do”, “You are stronger than this”, “You can finish this G-Force”. Pretty much any motivation I could muster up, I used. Nutritionally I needed to get an extra gel in me and I really started to hurt. I tried to grab one at an aid station, but the gel got knocked away. I though I could grab a gel at the next station, but there were none at the next 2. This is when I really knew I was screwed. By the end of the race I had no spark left and just wanted to finish more than anything. After 45mins in the med tent, I finally was able to grab some food and bike home in a very disappointing 15th place. It’s nice to know that on a bad day, I can still crack top 15 in a field of over 3000. Now it’s time to gain weight and look toward next year.

Grant Burwash Augusta 70.3 Ironman Triathlon

Grant Burwash's mutilated feet after triathlon

Grant Burwash Ironman 70.3 Augusta triathlon

Grant Burwash chillin' before the triathlon


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