T minus 2 days and counting

The Lord answered my prayers and things are coming together for Sunday. This morning I went for a 30min shake out run with some pick ups and running school. I left at around 8am and the weather was already hot. I decided to wear a long sleeve shirt, to try and get ready for the heat. The humidity here is quite high, so I was almost immediately drenched. The air is heavy here with the humidity and the low altitude. It could be a fast day on Sunday. A couple hours after I got back, my bike showed up. Thank God, I didn’t spend $1800 to spend the weekend in Augusta and not race!

I took advantage of my transportation and rode down to the race site, picked up my package, got info about race day and hoped in the water to test it out. The swim is in the dirty Savannah river. It’s not terrible, but there were sections where it felt like I was breathing in straight exhaust and oil. The entire time I was swimming I couldn’t help but think it seems a lot like where an alligator would live. Turns out I was right. Click Link. I swam without a wetsuit and it felt totally warm to me. Everyone was looking at me like I was crazy and later I found out it is a wetsuit swim. The water has got to be about 25 degrees, who needs a wetsuit. I may opt not to race in a wetsuit in order to not start the day overheated. Swimming without the suit would be slower, but I’d have a faster transition and be cooler starting the bike. I’ll have to get more info tomorrow at the pro meeting.

Interesting fact of the day. Last year there was over 2800 signed up for the race and over 2200 participants that started. This made Augusta 70.3 the largest 70.3 in the world. This year, there are over 3,200 competitors signed up. Surprisingly, the town seems quiet from a triathletes stand point. That’s ok with me though, and is part of the reason why I’m staying away from the host hotel.

Now, movie and bed.



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