I’m here…..but where’s my bike?

I arrived in Augusta on time this afternoon. The flights were very smooth and I even got upgraded to emergency exit isle on the first flight. The first flight was mostly full of sleeping, but the second flight I met a wonderful lady named Amy. She was heading to Augusta to speak at a church conference this weekend. Since I’m traveling alone, it was nice to talk to someone.

The only downfall of the day is that my bike is not here. They aren’t sure where it is, but most likely it just missed my connection in Dallas Fort Worth. It took 2 hours to figure out things at the airport, but I’m now sitting in my hotel room, relaxing after dinner. There is a flight coming in tonight at 10pm that will  hopefully have my bike on it. I got in a little run and walked around Augusta a little bit to find a grocery store.

Interesting fact, the Savannah River, where the race is held, is the border between Augusta and South Carolina. My plan is to pull to the left and pass everyone in the swim by swimming in South Carolina! Do you think that’s legal?

More Grantings from Georgia tomorrow.



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