Ironman 70.3 Augusta in one week

This morning when I left for my workout the weather was 2*C and raining. At the same time in Augusta Georgia, the weather was 26 and 33*C with humidity. As you can imagine, this is not really ideal training weather for a hot weather race that is a week away. So what am I doing to get ready for the ESI Ironman 70.3 Augusta?

First off, I’ve been doing every workout with more clothes on than normal. This includes, toques, gloves, sweaters, thermal tights, etc. The worst part about this is that I’m not actually that hot, and if you overdress too much, you can ruin your workout by just being weighted down by clothes and excessive sweating. All week, I’ll be spending time in a steam room after my workouts to get used to breathing in the humid air and hopefully get the body used to some heat. Starting tomorrow, I’ll be going off dairy and gluten for the week. This means eating a lot of quinoa, vegetables, rice and lean meat, as well as not eating after 7:30pm. This is key for me to lose those last few pounds leading into a race. Starting tomorrow, my alarm will be set for 5am. This ensures that I’ll be adjusted to the time zone in Georgia for when the gun goes off at 7:30am next Sunday. The last thing I have been doing is almost all of my rides inside. The main reason for this is to get more heat training in and to be down in aero for hours at a time.

Next weekend will be very exciting and is the last race on my schedule for this year. Looking back, I don’t feel that my previous races have prepped me for this race very well though. Every race I have done this year has been between 5-15*C air temp, wetsuit swim and rainy. Perfect! Right now I’m just starting my taper into next week. My body feels like it’s coming down with the flu, but I’m fighting it with everything I have and letting myself deal with the aches and fatigue that come along with sickness. I have 7 days to turn this around, and it will happen!

Grant Burwash Banff triathlon 2010

Grant Burwash Banff triathlon 2010



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