Training camp and IMC

Monday night I got back into Calgary from my training camp in the Okanagan. I spent 12 days there training and had a wonderful time. It was a great mental break from the routine of Calgary and was nice to ride on different roads and run on different trails. I have to say my favorite ride I did out there was the ride up Anarchist. It is a 19-20km long climb out of Osoyoos with beautiful scenery and great roads. My body responded quite well to the large training loads, but I was ready to get back into my own bed and into a routine by time I got home.

The trip ended with a few day in Penticton at Ironman Canada. This was my first time witnessing an Ironman and all I can say is WOW. It’s quite the event to have 2700 competitors, 4000+ volunteers and half the city shut down for a triathlon. I was working with PowerBar out there and so was able to watch the race from behind the scenes. I was giving out gels in T2 as people headed out on the run, which gave a very unique perspective on what people go through. Some people are already asking for soup or coke as the head out on the marathon. For these people all I could think of was “man you’re in for a long day.” I also saw some absolutely ridiculous sights, such as people riding with their helmet on backwards, crazy bike positions and enough fluorescent spandex and wigs to make you want to party like it’s 1989. Watching this event gave me so much more respect for the Ironman distance and I would like to congratulate all the competitors at IMC. A big shout out goes to Kyle Marcotte and Scott Curry who had another year of great racing at IMC, as well as all the Talisman Centre athletes and everyone else I knew there. Congrats!


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