Where on Earth is Grant?

My life has been a little all over the map lately. After 70.3 it took me about a week before I was mentally and physically ready to get back into full training. Since then I’ve been busy trying to figure out a race plan and sink some solid hours of training in for the fall races.

As many of you know, elite nationals took place on Sunday in Kelowna and I did not take part. I had to pull out a week before hand because I didn’t feel ready to go. I know I could have raced and done descently, but I didn’t want my return to ITU to be OK, I want to do it on my terms. This decision lead to me taking a lot of flack from others, but it was my decision and I have to live with it. It was difficult being there and watching the race unfold knowing I should have been in the race. I want to congradulate Simon Whitfield on another national title and Paula Findlay hers as well. A huge shout out goes to Jon Bird, my training partner and fellow coach at Talisman Centre. He had a fantastic race and ended up 8th overall and the 5th Canadian. Watch out for this guy, he has incredible potential and you are just seeing the tip of the iceberg of the success he will have in triathlon. Congrats Jon!

As for me, I’m now in Kelowna and Penticton for 12 days doing a training camp with Jon. So far it’s been about 5 hours of training a day and loving every second of it. It’s amazing how training in the heat and on new roads revitalizeds you. My body is quite tired right now, so hopefully that turns around soon. After our training today Jon and I did a float down the river to relax and cool off the legs. Ahh, this is the life!



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