Calgary 70.3 Tomorrow

This week has been quite busy in preparation for the Ironman Calgary 70.3. I’m very excited about the race tomorrow and can’t wait to hear that air-horn go off at 6:10am to set me loose. My body actually feels quite tired from the massive 3 week training block I’ve been in, but hopefully the rest today will allow my legs to be sharp tomorrow. Either way, I’m excited to embark on the adventure of my first half ironman. I have many expectations and goals for tomorrow, but I’ll wait until after to tell you about them. The main goal for tomorrow is to race hard and to hurt. A hard fought race is exactly what I need to prep me for nationals in 3 weeks.

It’s going to be a very early morning for me and the rest of the competitors, but if you want to watch it doesn’t have to be that early. The best place to watch the race is North Glenmore Park. This is the location of T2, some of the run course and the finish. Expect the first Pro’s to be there just after 8:30 and the age groupers to follow for several hours. From this location, you can view your friends or loved ones 4 times. Hope to see some of you tomorrow.


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