Heat training

When the weather outside gets hot, I like to get outside.

There aren’t many days in Calgary where it gets above 25C, so I try and ensure that I am training in the heat of the day when these treats come together. Yesterday was absolutely beautiful and I took full advantage. After a morning of coaching and swimming, I enjoyed a 110min run. What made this so special was that it was with some old friends. Long runs in the heat, shirts off with a bunch of friends are one of my favorite training moments. After a quick nap I spent a couple hours on the bike enjoying the sunshine and working on my tan lines.

Heat training is essential to my success when trying to compete internationally. As a Calgarian, I have the advantage of altitude training, but can get beat by the heat when the temperatures push 40C. Even though I will never see 35 degrees in Calgary, this doesn’t mean I have to fail when racing in the heat. Days like yesterday are all part of the preparation of making sure I succeed not matter what the conditions. In my opinion, the harsher the conditions you train in, the better prepared for racing you will be.



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