It’s Tempo Time!

Yesterday was a big day for me. As the summer moves swiftly by, I’m finding myself coming closer and closer to the end of a racing season that has yet to begin. Obviously, in order to race I need to be healthy and injury free. At last, I’m feeling like my body is coming around and getting ready to get back into racing. I figured a tempo run yesterday would be a great idea to see where I was at. In the past 2 years I have only done one run workout. That was in December, the week before I fractured my tibia. Needless to say I was excited.

I decided to do an hour bike in the morning to practice running off the bike and running with tired legs. The bike felt great and I was able to really settle in and focus on keeping the watts steady and HR low. After the bike I quickly did some physio for my leg and IT band and headed to track. The tempo was a campus loop, which is  a 4.6km tempo. I wanted to go out hard and try and settle in. I went out hard and immediately felt uncomfortable. My body was not used to this at all. After a couple minutes, the cob webs were out of the legs and I was still with the leaders. About 10mins in my legs really started to hurt and I began to remember the pain of training and racing. For a split second my mind tried telling me I didn’t want to hurt like this any more, but I quickly caught myself and picked up the pace just out of spite of those feelings. I ended up fading a little over the last 5 mins, but had a fantastic effort and actually set a PB over the course. Not bad coming of inconsistent running. After I did some med ball strengthening, bounding and 150m sprints. Then I hoped on the bike to flush out the legs after a tough day.

All the time in the sun made for a bit of a headache last night and I’m still feeling a little zapped. I guess that means it’s nap time after I mow the lawn and go for a run.


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