Hawk Attack

As many of you probably realized, I decided not to race at Wasa. I’ve been having IT band problems lately, that have kept me from running consistently. I did  get a fantastic run in the sun yesterday. I was feeling great, but today the leg is sore again. The physio I have been doing is keeping me moving, but I’m having a hard time moving forward.

My parents are out of town and so I was busy in the afternoon mowing their lawn and taking care of things on the farm. I only tell this because it sets up the following story. Because I spent all afternoon checking horses, mowing lawns, weeding etc I was only able to leave for my bike ride at 6:30pm. On my way home I noticed a really big bird shadow. I thought to myself  “that must be a big bird”. Next thing I know, I heard a screetch and a hawk was trying to grab my helmet. I didn’t really know what to do, so I yelled and started sprinting. In the shadows I could still see the hawk above me.  After 2 more dive bombs I finally got out of the danger zone. Good thing I was wearing my Oakley’s otherwise I might have lost a eye! Ah the joys of training.

Safe riding


One thought on “Hawk Attack

  1. Hey Grant, it was good to run into you at the physio last week. Sorry to read about the ongoing troubles, but I guess after such a long time away from racing your body is just going through a few growing pains as it gets back on track. You know that you’re in great hands with Dave so hopefully you can stay mentally tough and do what needs to be done to get stronger. This week I went for my first pain-free outdoor run in about 16 months. I was only able to go for 20 mins before my lack of aerobic fitness killed it, but it felt like such a victory that I almost cried after. I credit it all to Dave, so hopefully you will be able to find similar success. Good luck, I’m totally rooting for you!

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