Time trial day

Last Wednesday I woke up to an incredible possibility to test myself….a time trial. At the Talisman Center we use a bike time trial to set training zones and test fitness. The protocol is a 3min TT, 12 mins active recovery and then a 2omin TT. I had never done one of these before and I was a little nervous. A couple weeks ago I had attempted this workout when I was sick and puked 7mins in and decided to call it a day.

The 3min was short enough that the lactic really starts to build up, but I was able to hash out a descent effort. Jon then calculated the approximate wattage I should push for the 2o min TT and away I went. This is all done on a trainer with a powermeter to ensure comparable results. It has been two years since I have hurt that bad. What an opportunity though to push me. My wattage was bouncing around a little for the first couple minutes, but then I was able to settle in. Then, the pain really started to settle in and I was looking at nothing but my mind to get me through the rest of the test. It was incredible the mental battles I had to deal with to get through the test. Having Jon there encouraging me was so helpful and really motivated me. The longer you are away from high end sport, the easier it is to forget the pain you put yourself through. Especially the last 10mins I used all my self talk and visualization to keep the legs turning over.

This was not just a TT for me. This was another step in my comeback, and values I will use to get back on top. This test taught me a couple thing. One, I’m not ready to race yet and two, I didn’t forget how to hurt. The pain threshold has to be reset, but that will only improve as the training continues to progress. As a whole, I was excited with the day and recovered pretty quickly.



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