Speaking to the grade 4’s

On Monday Jon Bird and I talked to about 40 grade 4 students. They were at U of C for the week to check things out and experience university. I wish that I had been able to do that when I was in grade school, but alas I had to pay several thousand dollars and study to get on campus! This is the second time Jon and I have done this for the group and once again it was a blast. We talked about our sport, being an athlete and a student, life goals, etc. The kids were so enthusiastic and seemed to really enjoy their time. Our bikes and videos enthralled them and most couldn’t get over the fact that I actually ran around in spandex most of the time!

After the presentation we went outside and played some triathlon games with them. Hearing them scream was incredible, especially because there were convocation pictures being taken all around us. Dealing with kids is a lot different then the adult I deal with. Sometimes I wish adults would say “guess what I can do?”, “do you want to see my handstand”, “you’re really old”. I really hope in the future I can do many more public speaking engagements like this. They are always motivating and worth the time and effort.



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