Breaking the hour barrier!

On Friday I broke the illusive hour barrier. It has been since December 18, 2009 since I last broke the hour barrier and it feels good to do it again. No, I’m not talking about breaking 60mins for a 40km TT or anything like that, I’m talking about running for more than a hour. Friday the watch was stopped at 1:03:31 and I felt like I could have kept going for another 63. The day started out with a hard set of 200’s in the pool, in which I did not swim very well. After I invited my swim partner Megan over for pancakes. After a good meal and a great conversation about the summer and where I’m at after my injury, I was in a great mindset to start running.

Even before I left for the run I was giddy because of the opportunity to finally do a run of descent length. I was house sitting and so the route I took was completely new to me. Exploring runs are awesome and I ended up running along the river in Calgary through Stanley Park down to Sandy Beach. The scenery was beautiful and I couldn’t help but think about how happy I was to be running that day. The hour flew by and before I knew it I needed to head back. The scenery down in that area is beautiful, with the mountains in the background, the river, trees, grassy slopes and cliffs. Several mental pictures were taken. My leg felt great after the run, although the legs were a little tight. After my chat that morning I was really thinking about what the best move for me to make this year would be racing wise. My first race is scheduled for June 13 at Wasa Lake, but my fitness is really behind where it needs to be right now. It’s kind of depressing how slow I am right now, but I know that will only come around as the mileage picks up.

One step at a time though: run for 60 mins=check!

Little victories!



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