Well that was interesting

Not sure if you’ve noticed, but we have been having spectacular weather here in Calgary. Yesterday I rode for almost 5 hours, went for a 30min run and hung out at the track, and never wanted to go inside. Today I left my house around 11 with the sun shining and the air nice and warm. I was thinking it’d be another hot day and for the first hour or so this turned out to be true. I was sweating  a lot, considering I’m not really used to the heat and absolutely loving the ride. For me training in the heat is a real treat. I absolutely love feeling the sun beat down on me and having the sweat drip off me as I sculpt my body into something better than what it currently is.

As I was riding though, I noticed a black cloud growing in the sky and getting closer with each pedal stroke. All of a sudden I started to feel a few droplets on my arms, then my legs, then bam! I’m in an rain storm. It wasn’t that bad at first and thankfully the air temperature was warm so even though I was soaked, I didn’t get cold. After a while I turned around and started riding back towards Calgary. All of a sudden the skies opened up and rain flooded down. There was water flowing on the roads and spraying everywhere. It was incredible to see the country side change as the ride went on and I couldn’t help but wonder what happened. During the heat of the storm Edwin’s song Alive came on. I already had a grin on my face, but now I was laughing. What a day, from 25 above and dripping with sweat, to sopping wet with rain, training can always be a treat if you have the right mindset. It is good to be alive!



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