Sweet Kicks!

The other day I received one of my racing flats for the summer. These shoes are called the Brooks Green Silence and are 6.9oz. Other than being very flashy and incredibly comfortable, these shoes really shine in their eco statement. They are made with Brooks biodegradable mid sole called BioMoGo. A few key features include:

-75% of the shoe is made from post consumer recycled materials.

-biodegradable insole and collar foam

-laces and webbing is 100% post consumer recycled

-water based adhesives and non-toxic dyes throughout

I haven’t done a lot in these shoes yet, but they are incredibly comfortable and will be great for racing and speed workout on the road or the track. This is probably the shoe I’ll race my 70.3 in and then use the lighter T6 racer for the faster olympic triathlons. Unfortunately I haven’t been doing enough running to put either shoe through their paces, but soon my friends. I am now up to running about 200mins a week and will try to run for an hour on Friday. Once I get in shape I can’t wait to take these for a test run and put them through their paces.

Brooks Green Silence


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