Looooong Week with the flu

Well, this week was not very good for me training wise. Last Friday I picked up a nasty cold and flu. Normally, if I get sick I just don’t feel very well for a week and then I’m better. Actually my whole family is very lucky in the fact that we don’t get sick very often. This time though, that was totally different. Last weekend I was very cold, tired and achy all weekend. This continued and got worse through Wednesday. I had to take two days completely off and I’m still feeling incredibly week and tired. Last night I slept for 9 hours and hopefully that will turn things around. Today I have a 30min run planned as 10min run/1min walk and then I’ll try a ride later on today. Hopefully the body starts to get some energy back. This flu seems to be affecting a lot of people around me right now, so if it’s affecting you, please stay away from me!



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