A much needed reality check

Wednesday morning at 8:15am I did something I have not done in 22months….I tested myself. It was only a 500m TT in the pool, but it was the first benchmark test I have done. Over the winter I have been putting a lot of time in the pool and have been working solely on technique and trying to develop some top end speed. This TT made me realize exactly where my fitness lies and how much work there still is to do before the summer. I was disappointed with the time, but the reality is that is where I’m at right now and nothing can change that.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be doing some testing on the bike and incorporating some hard sets on the swim and the bike to try and give my fitness a boost. What I have to remember is that right now is my base building season. I’m several months behind everyone else, but that is the reality of my situation. It becomes very hard to not focus on how well everyone else is doing that that others are already racing and very much in shape. Each day is a struggle for me to keep things together mentally. There is always someone out there who seems to be doing better than you, but all I can focus on is myself. I find focusing on the sheer enjoyment that I feel about training is the best way to put things in perspective. What else would I rather do today?……The answer is always nothing!


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