Crash+ticket= One birthday for the history books

Well, Friday was my 24th birthday and what a day it was. It started off with a great coaching session at 6am with Talisman followed by a solid swim set. I was finally feeling a little better in the water. It’d been about 2 weeks since I’d swam decently and Friday was a great step forward. After the swim I came home and had a quick bite to eat and headed out riding with  Jon. The sun was out, the wind was fairly calm and we were looking at a solid ride ahead of us.

Before we got out of the city we got pulled over down in Bowness before climbing the COP hill. A police officer on his motor bike pulled us over for failure to come to a complete stop at a stop sign while turning right on our bikes. He dinged each of us with a $287 ticket! He also reamed each of us out for not having any ID and threatened to arrest us until we could prove who we were. This was bad enough, but the real crime is that this police officer could have actually been fighting crime at this time. We were bumbed for about 15mins and then said “forget it, I’m not letting this ruin my ride”.

On the way home I was descending COP hill and was very tired at this point. On the last corner, which is about 180* there was water flowing over the road and then a fine layer of sand and dust.  Before I knew it, I was on the pavement and sliding around the corner. Thankfully nothing was broken on my body or my bike. I have some road rash and my left hip is very sore. Mostly though it just feels like I got body checked by a brick wall. The rest of the ride home, while trying not to lean on my torn up hands, I couldn’t help but smile. This truly was an epic 5 hours on the bike that I would never forget.

The best part is that I can honestly say there is nothing I would have rather done that afternoon. Yes, I could have done without the ticket and the crash, but I would do it all over again in a heart beat. I love my life!



3 thoughts on “Crash+ticket= One birthday for the history books

  1. so… maybe keeping the KFC sandwich in your pocket for all future rides would be helpful – avoid dog attacks and bribe police officers. it could cover you in all situations!!

  2. So more from the police state. I don’t believe you have to carry I.D However I’m sure someone will correct me ????

  3. Grant, you might not have to carry ID when you ride, but you should. Unfortunately accidents happen and although ID won’t save you, it will help family find you.

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