Dog attack

Yesterday I went down to do my walk/run with the U of C Dinos in south Calgary. I was doing my workout alone in the off leash area minding my own business and enjoying the day. It has been pretty cold here lately, so I was wearing pants and walking back from my turn around spot. I saw the team of guys heading towards me and I was going to jump in on their warm up for my 1min run interval, gutsy hey!

Just as I was about to start running this little dog ran up to me barking his little face off. He jumped up on my leg and started scratching me and trying to bite me. I tried to calmly kick him off as his owner was jogging towards the dog and yelling. Then, 3 of her other dogs came out of no where and started attacking me. They were jumping all over me, biting, scratching and barking the whole time. Naturally I was getting angry, but I kept very calm and started trying to walk away with big kicking motions to try and stop the dogs. The owner told me to stand still so she could get her dogs, but I was thinking “forget this, I’m getting out of here. These dogs are your problem and you really need to keep them in control.” So a couple more kicks to break free and I ran off.

It wasn’t a life threatening situation but it really upset me. Plus, I now have 4 bloody bite marks on my legs and back side. Let’s just hope I don’t start foaming at the mouth with rabies!



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